Veronica Leigh

Hello and Welcome! 

I am a visual artist working with alcohol ink, acrylic, resin and crushed glass creating abstract pieces.

I have enjoyed being creative and painting for as long as I can remember. However, it took me a long time to believe that working as an artist could be a viable profession.

My passion for art was re-ignited during the pandemic. It started out as a hobby to release anxiety and stress. Painting allows me to relax my mind and focus on whatever I’m creating instead of my stressors. I shared a few of my pieces with family and friends and they were blown away. That is when I realized I could turn this into a profession.

With COVID-19 going on longer than any of us expected; more and more people working from home, taking zoom meetings and home schooling the kids. We are in the house looking at our decor and walls and wanting change. I want to help beautify your  space with unique one of a kind pieces.