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Holiday Body Care Set
Love, LeighKo LTD

Holiday Body Care Set

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Set includes Brown Sugar Scrub, KoKo Whipped Body Butter and gift bag. 
*holiday gift bag style may vary 

KoKo Whipped Body Butter- Our signature butter is hand crafted with Coconut oil, Coco butter, Shea butter and a mixture of oils. Whipped to soft and fluffy texture.  Melts into your skin like butter leaving your skin hydrated and beautiful. 

NOTE: *A little goes a long way highly concentrated. 

** Product is whipped and can melt down during shipping.  


Brown Sugar Scrub- This handcrafted whipped body scrub had a soft fluffy appearance. However, don’t let the look fool you this is an aggressive scrub to help exfoliate dry dead skin.  Leaving behind soft, moisturized and beautiful skin. Infused with brown sugar, coconut oil and pure essential oils. 

For best results apply to damp or dry skin. Rub in circular motions to exfoliate dead skin. Rinse and dry. Apply KoKo Whipped Body Butter for smooth lasting moisturized skin. 

Note: Stir before use as natural oils may separate as product sometimes melts during shipping 


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