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Comparison = Thief of Joy

I needed to take a break from Art.

I was stuck in a rut.

It seemed like nothing  I painted was good enough.

I would spend hours painting, finish my piece look at it and scrape the canvas.

This cycle was endless until I got to the point where I just didn’t paint.

Sooo I would spend hours watching videos, scrolling through art pages and feel inspired but hadn’t gotten up enough courage to actually paint because I was scared.

What if I mess up again?

What if I try this and I fail?

How come all these other artist can do this but I can’t?

Am I an artist?

Am I creative?

These are some of the things I would say to and question myself about.

What is the real problem? I asked myself repeatedly.


I was looking at all these other great artist and comparing my art to theirs.

I was going in with another artist work in mind and was disappointed when mine didn’t look like their’s...

That’s when the light bulb 💡 clicked on!

I have to paint like me!

I have to dig into my style!

I have to tap into emotions!

What is my heart saying?!

I have pour that onto the canvas.

I have to go in with a clear mind but keeping value, color, composition and balance in mind but being free in MY art!

Out of that Epiphany I put on my headphones, gather my supplies and “The Thief of Joy” was created.

I dug deep into my emotions.

Expressing what I had been feeling over the last few weeks and out came the monster who had been robbing me of my joy!


*Note: This piece was created in landscape it wasn’t until I turned it portrait that the green with envy one eyed thief was revealed.



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